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End of Year Chromebook Turn In!

Chromebook Turn-in:

Grade 8: Chromebook Turn-in will be Monday, June 14 at the end of the school day. 

Grade 6 and 7: Chromebook Turn in will be on the last day of school, Tuesday, June 15th.   

Please remember to bring your Chromebook and charger and turn it in on the last days of school!  If you checked out a MIFI Hotspot, it should also be returned on the last day of school. Make sure to return it in the box with the charger!  Students who do not turn in their chromebook, charger, or MIFI will be charged.  Chromebook: $140, Charger: $20, MIFI: $191.  Also students turning them in damaged can be charged for the damage.

Is your Grade 6 and 7 student taking a Summer Class at MJH?  They can KEEP their chromebook at the end of the year, use it for summer school, and turn it in after summer school.