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End of Year Activities Class of 2025 (Grade 8)

Prior to COVID and all the COVID Health and Safety restrictions, there were traditionally 2 end of the year events for MJH Grade 8 students.


One was the 8th Grade Celebration/Dance.

This event was entirely planned, supervised, and paid for by 8th Grade Families.  They generally started a Class of Bank Account and did fund raising.  The funds raised paid for the celebration and served as the beginning of their fundraising for their students' senior party.  Sometimes the event was held at MJH in the cafeteria or gym, and sometimes the event was held off campus.  Due to COVID, there was no 8th Grade Celebration last year (2020).  There is no Celebration planned this year (2021) either.

The other traditional event is the 8th Grade Moving Up Assembly.  We do not do an individual 8th grade grade "graduation".  Instead the entire class is recognized.  The assembly features a couple of speakers, a few traditional awards given out to a handful of 8th graders, and a slide show of photos of the 8th graders.  Last year, 2020, we replicated the assembly and produced it virtually for families to watch.  (It is still on the website to view.)


The 2021 8th Grade Moving Up Assembly will be a Virtual Assembly. 8th grade students will watch it together in the gym.  No spectators/family allowed.  Other students, distance learners, and family members can watch the assembly on line.


8th Grade Moving Up Assembly. 


For Parents/Guardians 

To help parents/guardians plan for this end of the year assembly, the following questions and answers were compiled.

What happens during this assembly?

It is a long standing tradition at Miller Junior High to end the last day of school with the Moving Up Assembly.  This assembly honors and celebrates the entire departing 8th grade class.  The assembly consists of just a few traditional awards and a celebration slide show.  The students are honored as “a class”. 

There is no individual recognition like seniors experience at a high school graduation.  Students do NOT have their names individually read outloud.

When is the Moving Up Assembly?

It is on the last day of school, Tuesday, June 15th, from 8:40 AM to 10:10 AM.

Where is the Assembly?

It is a virtual assembly, but 8th graders will watch it together in the Miller Junior High Gym if we remain in Phase 3.

Who is invited to the Moving Up Assembly?

Only our 8th grade students and the 8th grade teachers can attend the assembly in person.  It will be broadcast as a webinar so other students, staff, distance learners, and family members can watch.  It is recorded so can be viewed at any time after the assembly.

Eighth Grade Students who make poor choices at the end of the year could lose their privilege to attend the assembly.


What is different this year?

Besides NO spectators, the students will "parade/march" through the halls so the other teachers and staff can congratulate them and say goodbye.  When they march into the gym to be seated, that part will be showed/broadcast live so families can see their students march in.


What do students wear?

School dress code applies.  Most students wear “every day” school clothes to this assembly.


What about Distance Learners?

Distance Learners can watch the assemby from home.

If a Distance Learner wants to participate in the assembly in person, they can notify their advisory teacher in advance.  They can come to school that day and go to advisory.


What happens after the assembly?

The buses begin arriving at 10:30.  Students will be dismissed from the gym to the busses or their parents/guardians picking them up.

Please do not pick up 8th Graders until after 11:00 AM!

We want you to pick them up in the BACK by the gym AFTER the busses leave!  

Picking up a 6th or 7th grader in addition to an 8th grader?  Let the 6th/7th grader know to wait for the "release the walkers" and have them go to the back of the school where you are waiting.