The next sports season starts on Monday, October 25, 2021.
    GIRLS' Basketball
    GIRLS and BOYS Wrestling
    If a student is playing a school sport now, he/she needs to come to office and get:

    - Blue Card
    - Inherent Risk of the sport.

    If student has not played a school sport yet this year, he/she need to pick up the entire packet.

    All this paperwork must be turned in before the student can practice.

    Girls and Boys Wrestling Practice - 2:45 to 4:30 PM

    8th Grade Girls Basketball Practice is at TBA
    7th Grade Girls Basketball Practice is at TBA
    Athletes should report to the student center at 2:30.
    Female athletes go directly to locker room to change.  At 2:40, 7th grade female athletes are released to the student center.

    Male wrestlers go directly to locker room to dress down. Then, Coach Garman or Coach Hatton takes athletes to wrestling room upstairs. 

    A small nutritious snack will be supplied. 

    A supervisor will be supervising athletes in the student center.  All athletes MUST follow the expectations of the supervisor.  Students not following the expectations could lose the opportunity of participating in sports.

    These expectations include, but are not limited to:

    1) Follow all school rules
    2) Follow the directions of the Supervisor
    3) Stay seated at the cafeteria tables
    4) Clean up after your snack
    5) Do your homework or read while waiting for practice
    6)  Keep your music choices to yourself
    7) Ask Supervisor for permission before leaving cafeteria
    8) Remember, the supervisor will report athletes who choose not to follow expectations to the Coaches and the Athletic Director.
    Girls Basketball
    Larry Fleming lfleming@asd5.org - 8th JV team
    Larry Kinread lkinread@asd5.org - 7th JV team
    Stephanie Pellegrini - spellegrini@asd5.org - 7th Varsity team
    Jimmy McDaniel  - jimmymcdaniel@comcast.net - 8th Varsity team
    Boys and Girls Wrestling
    Shon Schreiber - sschreiber@asd5.org
    Jason Garman - jgarman@asd5.org
    Jeff Hatton - 135hatton@gmail.com