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8th Grade Celebration Planning!

Is your student an 8th Grader?
Are you interested in helping plan the 8th Grade Celebration?
 Every year, we plan a "celebration" for our 8th Graders before they leave Miller for the High School.  At this time, it has become an event under the supervision of the school, but planned and facilitated by 8th Grade Parent/Guardian volunteers. 
We have decided that the 8th Grade Celebration will be on Friday, June 16th, at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and the theme will be a Carnival Theme.
We already met on Wednesday, October 5th, November 2nd, and January 4th, and March 15th at 7 PM  to plan. 
This event is FREE to 8th graders at Miller Junior High.  Some years, we have invited St. Mary's 8th graders, as well, since they have participated in sports with our students.  Additionally, the St. Mary's students will be classmates with our Miller Students at Aberdeen High School next year.
The group is taking donations from families if you would like to support this event.  Please contact Tina Villa 500-6586 or Missy Smith 580-7940 if you would like to donate.  The Thanksgiving raffle was very successful and another raffle of a $200 VISA card is being planned to begin in March 27th and the drawing is on May 8th.
Please join the Miller Junior High Class of 2017 Parent Page on Facebook.
We are looking for parents/guardians who would like to be involved in planning, chaperoning the event, fundraise, etc.
This year, we will be hosting a Glow in the Dark Themed Miller Dance on April 21st (6:30 to 8:30 PM) as a way to raise funds to support this activity.  People can donate water and pop for this dance as a way to help out!  We also need some chaperones!

The below flyer was handed out at the fall Student Led Conferences:

8th Grade Celebration!


Every year the school and parents/guardians plan a celebration for the 8th graders to recognize their transition to the high school. 


This celebration is free to the students and planned by the parents/guardians.


All 8th Grade parents/guardians can assist through planning, decorating, chaperoning, donating, or fundraising.


The event is supported through a variety of fundraising activities.


-       A Miller school dance on April 21st is planned, and the proceeds go towards the celebration.  We are looking for volunteers to help with this dance.


-       8th Grade parents/guardians are organizing a Safeway gift card ($200) raffle on Friday, November 18th.  Tickets are a $1.00 each.  Please donate at least a minimum of $5.00 towards the raffle. Contact Tina Villa 500-6586 or Missy Smith 580-7940 for information.


-       There is information on the Miller Webpage, and you can join the Facebook page as well Miller Junior High Class of 2017 Parent Page